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  • editorial shootings  

    the beauty and uniqueness of exclusive brands and designs are demonstrated through elaborate photo series. it is my intention to capture complementary colours and features that make each model unique and to bring them to even greater effect.

classic makeup

for many, red lips and an eyeliner à la marilyn monroe embodies pure femininity. my make-up artists and i use make-up and aesthetic editorial photography to show how the beauty and uniqueness of each model can be captured.

sugar skull - „la catrina“

the skeleton lady "la catrina" symbolizes the day of the dead "dia de los muertos", a colourful folk festival. with the sugar skull photo series i have captured this tradition and illustrate that skeletons and skulls can also be colourful and full of life.

glass skin

glass skin makeup conjures up a natural "glow" on the face. this makes the skin look almost like porcelain - shiny and almost a little fragile. my challenge was to present the skin in a photographically perfect way.

tribal makeup

it has been used for generations all over the african continent. it is used for many occasions and the different colours all have their own meaning. in my paintings i was allowed to capture the beauty of this culture.

makeup for men

the distinctive features of a man can be brought to bear through make-up. we have reinforced the contours, thickened the eyebrows and beard and perfected the skin to give the overall picture "masculinity" more expression.

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