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The wine delights the heart of human. A family winery from the Mosel, for which I have generated some image content, describes exactly this way of life again. I also appreciate the cooperation with some wineries from my hometown Neustadt an der Weinstraße very much, because the deep connection to my region always remains.

#BoneDry - Reichsrat von Buhl

Together with the Winery Reichsrat von Buhl, i visited various locations during a promotional tour. The result was this image content that the winery used for its Instagram campaign.

Reichsrat von Buhl - The Event

When the winery was clear to implement further campaigns with me photographically and pictorially and they asked me afterwards if I could also implement something for the event location of the winery,  so much creative image material came together in one day.

RvB_ BoneDry Imagekampagne Promo Pics_20

Weinbiet - From the Heart

of the Palatinate 

Welcome to the heart of the Palatinate. 

The New Year begins and so do the hopes

and wishes for the new vintage. 

Welcome to the WEINBIET Manufaktur! 

The Wine

rejoice the Heart of Human.

                                                                                                                            (PSALM 104,15)

Mature Rieslings from the Mosel cannot be copied anywhere in the world. Some are such that you want to say a prayer of thanks before, during and after; because they exist. Because while the world continues to turn noisily all around, you can once again let the sun of a summer long gone dance on your tongue. Liquid time. Liquid happiness. The image commercials

I realized with the Köwerich Winery on the Mosel describe exactly that. 

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